Your people are your most important assets. When your staff is trained in cyber security, it reduces the cyber security risk for your organization. It is therefore important that your employees have the right knowledge in the field of cyber security for Industrial Automation & Control Systems (IACS). The Hudson Cybertec Academy offers a selection of high-quality practical training courses.

Our training courses are often facilitated at the NEN office. The training courses and workshops are available onsite as an option.

IEC 62443 – Cyber security for Industrial Automation & Control Systems

The accredited IEC 62443 training provides you with a solid foundation for managing cyber security within your IACS organization. This training course was developed in cooperation with the NEN (The Dutch Institute of Standardization). An exam can be taken at the offices of the NEN in The Netherlands. You are certified at personal title after successful completion of the exam.

Specialist Workshops

To further increase the knowledge and competency level of your employees, Hudson Cybertec offers Specialist Workshops. During these Specialist workshops we work to deepen your knowledge in subjects like Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), IACS Forensic Readiness and IEC 62443. Paramount is the application of best practices within your organization. By choosing those workshops that are most relevant for your organization, you will increase the security level and will be able to manage the cyber security risks for your organization in a better way.

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