IACS Forensic Readiness

It is important that your organization, network and assets are prepared for the collection of forensic data. This ensures that you can secure the data required when a cyber security incident occurs, and that you have the right information available to act quickly and effectively. For example to identify the cause of the incident or identify possible culprits.

Hudson Cybertec helps your organization with the preventive provisioning, maintenance and operation of the necessary infrastructure for: Incident response, monitoring and detection, logging and all other things related to forensic readiness.

An IACS Forensic readiness scan conducted by Hudson Cybertec gives you a comprehensive overview of your current situation and measures the level of Forensic Readiness within your organization. During this scan our forensic experts assess whether you have the right digital information available for a forensic investigation in case of incidents. We will review all aspects of cyber security: people, process and technology.

IACS Forensic Investigation

Is your organization the target of a cyber-attack, did you experience loss of data or change of information, or is your organization susceptible to business espionage? The number of attacks aimed at Operational Technology increases every day. When an incident occurs, it is necessary to determine the cause of the incident. Hudson Cybertec is specialized in executing digital forensic investigations within the IACS Domain.

When an incident occurs within your organization, Hudson Cybertec performs an IACS Forensic investigation to determine the cause of the incident, possible culprits and the resulting damage of the incident. For example, in case of: (industrial) espionage, unauthorized access to technical networks, unauthorized change of data or sabotage and faulty configurations.

Based upon the results of the IACS Forensic investigation, additional security measures can be taken to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.