IACS Forensics

IACS Forensics

The importance of the availability of forensic data within the Industrial Automation & Control Systems (IACS) domain is increasing. In case of an incident you need to know what happened in order to take appropriate measures to prevent this kind of incident in the future. Furthermore, the increasing threat within the IACS-domain, combined with National and European legislation, makes it essential to know what happens on your technical networks.

Therefore, it is important that your organization, network and assets are configured to collect usable forensic data.

What does IACS Forensic Readiness consist of?

IACS Forensic Readiness ensures that in case of an incident you are able to secure the data required for an IACS Forensic Investigation, for example to identify the cause of the incident or identify possible culprits.

What does an IACS Forensic Investigation consist of?

When an incident occurs within your organization, Hudson Cybertec performs an IACS Forensic investigation to determine the cause of the incident, possible culprits and the resulting damage of the incident. For example, in case of: (industrial) espionage, unauthorized access to technical networks, unauthorized change of data or sabotage and faulty configurations.

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