Security Awareness Program

Organizations should set up processes and technology to protect themselves against cyber threats. It is important to recognize the role that employees play in this. A security awareness program makes employees aware and keeps them alert. This reduces the cyber security risks of your employees.

Contents of a security awareness program

A security awareness program consists of a set of activities to increase and maintain the cyber security awareness of all people in your organization. During awareness sessions, the employees learn what the cyber security risks are, how they can cope with these risks in order to reduce the security risk and what they can do to help the organization.

The security awareness programs consist of various components that focus on the three pillars of cybersecurity: people, process and technology. There are specific modules for different professional groups and function levels within the organization.

Audience for a security awareness program

The security awareness program is intended for all employees within the organization. The program’s modular approach ensures that it is beneficial to the whole organization. Besides the general modules, there are modules that are specific to the various audiences, like C-level and senior management, employees working in IACS environments, such as operators, technical service staff, engineers and technical project leaders. This way all your employees, including your office staff, will benefit from our security awareness programs.

Custom made programs

Hudson Cybertec offers a security awareness program that is tailored to your organization. Together with you, we create a customized awareness program. Because of this, the program will be completely in line with the specific requirements of your organization. You will be completely unburdened in the field of Security Awareness. You can simply profit from the raised security awareness level of your employees.

Cyber Security Maintenance Contract

Hudson Cybertec takes care of your organization by offering a complete set of cyber security services. With Hudson Cybertec OT Monitoring we monitor your OT infrastructure. In addition, Hudson Cybertec takes over cybersecurity activities normally performed by your own staff, so you can focus on your primary process. We help implement security and protection measures and ensure the management and maintenance of cyber security.

During a site visit we will take stock of how your cyber security is regulated in your current situation, this is called baseline measurement. The result of the baseline measurement are recommendations to effectively and significantly improve the security level of your organization.

In addition to understanding the current situation (baseline measurement), you will receive a maintenance contract to perform updates & patches, configuration of hardware, periodically testing the cyber security resistance level and providing support and expertise in all your OT questions. In case of network expansion or hardware replacement, we analyze the cyber security risks and help you with the implementation. We monitor the current threats, technical and societal developments and legislation and regulations and ensure that your organization is well protected. With a cyber security maintenance contract, you can focus on your core activities while we take care of your cybersecurity. A cyber security support contract is tailor-made, making it optimally suited to the needs of your organization.

As part of the cyber security maintenance contract, Hudson Cybertec analyzes the level of forensic readiness within your organization. This includes determining how your organization responds to incidents and to what extent it is able to secure important forensic information. The results give your organization a clear picture of the current forensic preparedness and improvement points in this respect.

COSO On Demand

Managing cyber security is essential for good assurance of cyber security in the organization. The responsibility for managing cyber security often lies with a Chief Operational Security Officer (COSO). If your organization cannot perform this role internally, Hudson Cybertec will assist you by providing customized management services like a fulltime, interim or part-time COSO function, a COSO on demand. We fulfill the COSO role for you with an experienced and qualified security professional. The COSO helps your organization develop and implement a cyber security strategy based on international standards and your organization’s requirements.

How can we help you?
To ensure a successful implementation of your CSMS and/or ISMS, we can manage its development and implementation for your organization. This is achieved by providing customized management services like a fulltime, interim or part-time COSO function (COSO on demand).

Network Monitoring

The management of your IACS network infrastructure is vitally important, since a problem in communications can have a major impact on the operation of your primary process. This is not only limited to communication problems in your network. For your organization's cyber-resistance, it's important to know which kind of traffic is using your network.

Once the traffic is identified it is important to identify if these traffic flows are authorized to go from system A to system B. Are there data streams that can unintentionally cause problems for other more important data streams? Is there malware present on your network? Are your switches and firewalls configured to protect the primary process from interference by unwanted data streams?

Detect unauthorized traffic on your ICS/SCADA networks and take the correct action immediately. This is easier said than done. The network monitoring service of Hudson Cybertec takes the management of your IACS network infrastructure out of your hands so that you can concentrate on your primary process.

Network Assessment & Health Checks

What is the current state of the cyber security threat resistance and resilience of your Industrial Automation & Control Systems (IACS) infrastructure? Do you want to ensure that all your network equipment is included in your cyber security strategy?

With a periodic network assessment and health check, Hudson Cybertec checks the cyber security state of your infrastructure. You get insight in the cyber security resilience of your Industrial Automation & Control Systems (IACS), ICS/SCADA infrastructure.