Penetration Testing

Prevent unauthorized access to your IACS infrastructure with a pen test. Depending on your requirements, our "Ethical hackers" perform a simulated attack, against a pre-determined system in a controlled environment. The goal is to show that, after infiltration of your systems, hackers can disrupt your primary process.

This test provides a clear insight into the security level of your infrastructure. After the penetration test you receive a report with the results of the test including demonstrated vulnerabilities within your infrastructure. To mitigate these risks posed by the identified vulnerabilities, Hudson Cybertec will setup a plan of action together with you.

Hudson Cybertec offers white box, grey box and black box services for pen testing depending on the goals to be achieved.

Mystery Guest

Often, visitors can easily walk through your building, plant or complete site, without being actively monitored or challenged. We test your physical security and other measures by means of a “mystery guest”, where a person tries to gain access to your physical (IACS) location(s).

A report is then prepared with the findings of the mystery guest. The results will be discussed with you. Based on the results of the report, Hudson Cybertec creates an action plan to improve the physical security and other measures.

Social Engineering

In cyber security within an organization, the human factor is a very important one. Hackers try to gain access to the technical network through your employees and will use social engineering skills to gather the information needed to accomplish this.

To gain insight into the alertness of your employees, Hudson Cybertec offers a tailor made social engineering scenario, adapted to your organization. Our security team tries to collect as much information as possible from your employees, about your network and organization.

This information can also be used for a penetration test or by a mystery guest to gain access to your infrastructure.

Hudson Cybertec delivers a comprehensive report with the results found and the steps that were taken. This provides you with clear understanding of the measures that need to be taken to increase the awareness level of your employees.

Phishing Campaign

Phishing is one of the most widely used ways in which hackers obtain sensitive information about yourself or your company. This information can be used to break into your systems, steal money from you, underbid you in quotations, or as a stepping stone in preparation of larger complex cyber-attacks.

Is your organization prepared for this type of attack? Can you identify a phishing email?

In close collaboration with your organization, Hudson Cybertec tests how resilient your organization is against phishing, through a phishing campaign.