Offensive Security

Offensive Security

Most organizations take various security measures to improve the level of cybersecurity of their organization. But how do you know if these measures are effective? If measures that were taken are not tested they can cause a false sense of security. The offensive security services of Hudson Cybertec ensure that your measures are tested and proven to be still effective. This prevents a false sense of security.

Offensive Security Services

In the field of offensive Security, Hudson Cybertec offers various services of which the most popular services are: penetration testing, mystery guest, social engineering and phishing campaigns.

Advantages of Offensive Security

By using our Offensive Security services, you receive an up-to-date insight into the resilience, awareness and vulnerabilities in cyber security within your organization. Based on the obtained results, Hudson Cybertec will create an action plan together with your organization. This enables you to take the appropriate measures to protect your OT environment and increase the awareness of your employees.

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