C-Level & Senior Management

The training modules were developed for C-level and senior management. The emphasis in these modules is on those things that are relevant for this target group. Subjects include subjects that are related to the overall organization, such as general cyber security risks , impact of cyber security risks on HSE, risk management, policies and procedures, and other topics. But also topics like spear-phishing and CEO-fraud will be handled.

IACS Professionals

These modules were developed for all personnel working within the IACS environment or deals with this. This includes operators, maintenance personnel, technical support personnel, engineers and technical project leaders. The emphasis of this module is on subjects related to IACS environments, like specific IACS cyber security risks, HSE impact, physical security, handling and protection of the various mobile devices, and others.


The general modules are applicable to all employees within your organization. The emphasis of these modules is on subjects that are applicable to everybody, including general cyber security risks, phishing attacks, social engineering, clean desk policy, and others.