What is the Cyber ​​Security Implementation Guideline of Rijkswaterstaat and how do you apply it?

The Cyber ​​Security Implementation Guideline (CSIR) is a guideline developed by Rijkswaterstaat for cyber security in road and water infrastructure. Hudson Cybertec offers a hands-on workshop explaining this guideline. As a result, participants get to know the guideline and gain a good understanding of how they can apply it in practice in projects they carry out for Rijkswaterstaat.

The Cyber ​​Security Implementation Guideline is a framework developed by Rijkswaterstaat to safeguard the digital resilience of the objects for which they are responsible. Other parts of the government are also showing increasing interest in this context. This makes it increasingly important for contractors to understand the CSIR properly, to be able to anticipate the requirements from the CSIR and to deal with it in the right way. This Hudson Cybertec workshop helps Rijkswaterstaat contractors to understand and apply the various components of the CSIR.

CSIR workshop

This workshop explains how the CSIR works and how you as a contractor can apply it in an optimal way. This enables you to effectively comply with the cybersecurity frameworks set in the CSIR, enabling you to fulfill assignments properly and efficiently.

Target audience

The target group of this workshop includes:

  • Public organizations (such as water boards)
  • Private organizations (such as e.g. civil contractors, engineering companies)
  • System integrators
  • Suppliers of systems
  • Maintenance parties that perform the operational tasks on an object
  • Contracting authorities (public)
  • Tender teams
  • Design teams (private)
  • Lead engineers, tender managers, IA engineers, project managers

During the workshop you will learn:

  • Background to the CSIR
  • What parts does the CSIR consist of
  • What are
    • VSP controls
    • VSE controls
    • Measure sets
    • Guidelines
    • Cybersecurity security plan
  • Purpose and content of the parts
  • Coherence between the parts
  • Applying the CSIR

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