Hudson Cybertec is active in many different markets in order to make and keep the companies within these markets digitally resilient. Hudson Cybertec is also active in the following sectors: Energy, Manufacturing / SME, Building Automation and Nuclear.

The energy sector is in full swing. Innovations in wind turbines and solar cells are happening fast. Wind farms have become an indispensable part of the landscape and solar cells not only cover the roofs of houses, but increasingly also meadows, parking facilities and even surface water. Due to this ever-increasing interdependence of energy infrastructure, energy suppliers are facing major challenges in keeping the infrastructure cyber secure.

The energy market is also under great pressure on the vital infrastructure of companies. Indeed, there is a well-known and extremely important problem that arises in the security of the existing energy infrastructure. This is because cyber threats have not been taken into account in the past development of most of the infrastructure. The SCADA systems used in this sector are often from before the advent of the internet and therefore have a higher sensitivity to attacks.

Ultimately, a separate approach is needed to keep data as secure as possible for energy companies. On the one hand, energy companies have information technology (IT) and on the other hand operational technology (OT). In addition, there is no joint approach for IT and OT. In the energy sector it is very important to detect possible attacks on the OT systems as quickly as possible. The use of a unique cybersecurity monitoring tool such as OT Insight can be of great help here.

Manufacturing industry / SME
Today, almost every business faces cyber attacks. In recent years, there have been more and more cases of cyber attacks in the form of phishing, DDoS attacks, ransomware and other malware. This is because cyber criminals are increasingly studying cybercrime and are therefore growing rapidly. This makes it important for SMEs to grow as quickly as possible. Is this not happening? Then that can have major consequences. For example, think back to the US government’s F35 jet fighter that was launched. The jet was 10 to 15 years ahead of the competing countries. A few months later, China had a jet launch that is roughly identical to America’s jet. This was because the manufacturer of the latest jet fighter was hacked.

Ultimately, the impact of cybercrime can be very high. Not only in finances but also in reputation, trust and it can therefore even play a role in the balance of power in the world between certain countries. So there was an opportunity somewhere within the company that could be hacked from the outside. As a manufacturing company, always ensure that there is as much insights as possible on the company network. A unique monitoring tool such as OT Insight can help with this. In addition, make sure that employees are aware of the consequences of the actions they perform. It is important that annual cyber security training takes place to educate employees about certain cyber security developments.

Building automation
Building automation is gaining importance. However, connecting the building management systems to other company networks provides does not only provide ease of use. The hyperconnectivitty that results from this brings new security challenges, because often less thought has been given to the digital security of these systems. Quite recently, another ethical hacker from a security company put him in control of the building automations of 17,444 buildings worldwide. But let alone the consequences if the hack is done by a non-ethical hacker. This has harmful consequences for many.

To ensure more security in building automation, a lot of knowledge is actually needed in the field of cybersecurity in Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT). So look for a cybersecurity expert who ensures that the right things are in order. Hudson Cybertec is the cybersecurity expert with years of experience in worldwide processes in information technology, but also in operational technology. Hudson Cybertec helps companies to achieve digital resilience within 1-2-3, that is the working method of Hudson Cybertec. The fact remains that there is too little knowledge about cybersecurity for operational technology. Often people are not even aware of the dangers of a cyber attack. For this, Hudson Cybertec offers cybersecurity training courses that lead to knowledge about cybersecurity in the relevant market.

There is an increasing focus on nuclear safety because of people’s concerns. In the nuclear sector, radioactive materials are present at companies. It is of course very important that the materials and systems that process these materials are handled safely. It is therefore important that activities within these companies are always carried out in a controlled manner to ensure that no damage occurs to employees and the environment. The nuclear sector is all about complex technology. The growing digital world quickly makes it much more difficult to protect these systems. This requires actual knowledge and years of experience. Is this knowledge and experience not there? Then this can have a major impact on society in a certain area. Are you looking for a cybersecurity expert with years of experience? Contact a Hudson Cybertec specialist!

In the spotlight

Monitoring your OT environment is essential. You know what is happening on your network and see to what extent you are compliant with various cyber security standards and laws and regulations.

IEC 62443 Standard

The IEC 62443 standard offers your organization tools to improve the digital security and safety of your IACS environment. Implementation of the standard improves the cybersecurity level of your organization's OT / ICS / SCADA environment.

The IEC 62443 is the international cybersecurity standards framework for operational technology (OT). The framework consists of a collection of standards, technical reports and related information for securing Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS).

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Hudson Cybertec’s IEC 62443 Competence Center has extensive experience with this standard. We play an active role in the development of the standard, actively promote it internationally and have developed a training program around the IEC 62443.

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It is becoming increasingly important for organizations to be able to demonstrate that the digital security of the OT environment is in accordance with standards frameworks. It is therefore possible to certify (parts of) your IACS environment according to IEC 62443.

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If you want to know more about this standard and need training on how to apply it within your own organization or at your clients, Hudson Cybertec has a number of very interesting training courses for you.

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The IEC 62443 standard provides organizations with tools to improve the digital security and safety of OT / ICS / SCADA environments.

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