An inconvenient truth about vulnerability analysis in IACS

On the 25th and 26th of May, the Norwegian security conference Cybersikkerhet took place in Oslo. Suppliers, users, oil companies, onshore industry, the Government, engineering and consultants gathered to discuss a number of themes regarding cyber security and to inform themselves. The Norwegian NFA (Norsk Forening for Automatisering, ) organized the conference.

Hudson Cybertec’s presentation, titled “An inconvenient truth about vulnerability analysis in IACS” covered how to cope with vulnerability analysis in industrial automation & control system environments. The audience was informed that within IACS environments, caution should be taken with standard pentesting tools and that it is of great importance to tackle the cause of vulnerabilities as well. Additionally, it is essential that measures taken within the human, organisational and technical fields are balanced. To be able to manage security for the IACS environments properly, standards are required, such as the IEC 62443. Hudson Cybertec covered how the IEC 62443 aids users, as well as vendors and systems integrators, how to manage cyber security within their respective disciplines and organisations.

Participants went home after two days, filled with new ideas and knowledge. The participants, as well as the organization, look back upon a very successful security conference.

In the spotlight

Monitoring your OT environment is essential. You know what is happening on your network and see to what extent you are compliant with various cyber security standards and laws and regulations.

IEC 62443 Standard

The IEC 62443 standard offers your organization tools to improve the digital security and safety of your IACS environment. Implementation of the standard improves the cybersecurity level of your organization's OT / ICS / SCADA environment.

The IEC 62443 is the international cybersecurity standards framework for operational technology (OT). The framework consists of a collection of standards, technical reports and related information for securing Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS).

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Hudson Cybertec’s IEC 62443 Competence Center has extensive experience with this standard. We play an active role in the development of the standard, actively promote it internationally and have developed a training program around the IEC 62443.

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It is becoming increasingly important for organizations to be able to demonstrate that the digital security of the OT environment is in accordance with standards frameworks. It is therefore possible to certify (parts of) your IACS environment according to IEC 62443.

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If you want to know more about this standard and need training on how to apply it within your own organization or at your clients, Hudson Cybertec has a number of very interesting training courses for you.

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The IEC 62443 standard provides organizations with tools to improve the digital security and safety of OT / ICS / SCADA environments.

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