Security Awareness Program

Organizations should set up processes and technology to protect themselves against cyber threats. It is important to recognize the role that employees play in this. A security awareness program makes employees aware and keeps them alert. This reduces the cyber security risks of your employees.

Contents of a security awareness program

A security awareness program consists of a set of activities to increase and maintain the cyber security awareness of all people in your organization. During awareness sessions, the employees learn what the cyber security risks are, how they can cope with these risks in order to reduce the security risk and what they can do to help the organization.

The security awareness programs consist of various components that focus on the three pillars of cybersecurity: people, process and technology. There are specific modules for different professional groups and function levels within the organization.

Audience for a security awareness program

The security awareness program is intended for all employees within the organization. The program’s modular approach ensures that it is beneficial to the whole organization. Besides the general modules, there are modules that are specific to the various audiences, like C-level and senior management, employees working in IACS environments, such as operators, technical service staff, engineers and technical project leaders. This way all your employees, including your office staff, will benefit from our security awareness programs.

Custom made programs

Hudson Cybertec offers a security awareness program that is tailored to your organization. Together with you, we create a customized awareness program. Because of this, the program will be completely in line with the specific requirements of your organization. You will be completely unburdened in the field of Security Awareness. You can simply profit from the raised security awareness level of your employees.

Introduction IACS

The complexity of Industrial Automation & Control Systems is increasing. This brings new challenges in terms of security. It is therefore essential that your organization is informed about cyber security risks for your IACS environment and know how to protect itself against cyber security incidents.

IEC 62443 is the global standard for security of Industrial Automation & Control Systems. It gives you the tools to improve the digital security of the technical or process automation within your organization. During the workshop you will receive an introduction to the IEC 62443 standard and become familiar with the basis for applying the IEC 62443 standard within your organization.

IEC 62443 Specialist Workshops

If you are in need for more in-depth experience, after attending the IEC 62443 training, than you can attend one of our IEC 62443 Specialist Workshops. These workshops further increase the knowledge and competency level of your employees. Paramount is the application of best practices within your organization, using the IEC 62443 standard. By choosing those workshops that are most relevant to your organization, you bring your organization to a higher level of security. It allows you to better manage cyber security and related risks within your organization.

You can choose from the following Specialist Workshops:
  • Incident Management & IEC 62443
  • Situational Awareness & IEC 62443
  • Firewall Management & IEC 62443
  • Vendor Requirements & IEC 62443
  • Customer Satisfaction & IEC 62443
  • Product Development & IEC 62443

IACS Forensics

The IACS Forensics training gives insight into how digital forensic skills are used to investigate incidents with in the Industrial Automation & Control Systems (IACS) domain. You will learn to set priorities for incidents and how to use a methodical approach for investigating digital traces. The training will handle the ways how a digital investigation can be performed, resulting in accepted evidence for criminal prosecution.

OSINT Workshop

When using the internet, people unwittingly leave lots of traces of their usage on the internet. This can be both personal and business information. This information left on public websites and information sources is available for anyone to be analyzed. To investigate this information, you can conduct an Open Source INTelligence (OSINT) investigation which includes a method of collecting information in a structured process from public sources.

Do you want to achieve maximum results from your OSINT research? Then attend the OSINT Workshop of the Hudson Cybertec Academy. In this interactive workshop, our experts teach you the basics of setting up and executing an internet research, the operation of search engines and helping you to create search strategies. Using practical examples, you will learn to obtain relevant information from open sources such as social media, online communities and internet archives.