OT Insight

OT Insight

OT Network & Compliance Monitoring
The primary processes of your business operations take place in your OT (Operational Technology) network. Only with a stable & reliable OT network you can guarantee that the (production) process will continue safely, benefitting your organization. OT Insight is developed from an OT perspective and gives you insight into your network and connected assets. This will increase the digital resilience of your OT network and thus the stability and reliability of your OT network in a cost-effective manner. Without having to invest in the required knowledge.

One solution, many possibilities

OT Insight offers a range of possibilities with just one solution. Our dashboards provide clear insight into your OT assets, an overview of permitted and unauthorized network traffic and the cyber security status of your OT network. You will immediately see any anomalies that may indicate a cyber attack, configuration and / or programming errors, unauthorized changes to setpoints, or unauthorized access.


Your need for OT monitoring may change over time. That is why OT Insight offers you the flexibility to change with it. Finding it difficult to choose where and how to start with OT monitoring, or which direction to go? Together we will create a complete solution that fully meets your current and future needs in OT monitoring.

Comply with laws and regulations

More and more companies and organizations need to comply with laws and regulations or standards frameworks regarding cyber security. Examples include the Wbni, the BIO, or IEC 62443. OT Insight shows that the cyber security for your Industrial Automation and Control Systems is in accordance with these laws and regulations and standards frameworks.

That’s how OT Insight works

Depending on your network infrastructure for the OT, Hudson Cybertec installs network sensors (hardware and / or virtual). After configuration, your OT data is monitored and analyzed.

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