On March 28 2019, Hudson Cybertec attended the Waterinfodag as exhibitor at the 1931 Congress Center in Den Bosch to inform the water sector about cyber security. The focus of the Waterinfodag this year was on the provisioning of information in the water sector. The exhibition was a great success and received more than 600 visitors from Rijkswaterstaat, water boards, provinces, municipalities and companies from the water sector.

Cyber security in the watersector

Hudson Cybertec answered cyber security related questions and provided a well-attended presentation on “Cybersecurity in de watersector”. This presentation explained the differences between cyber security in office automation and industrial automation, and how an organization in the water sector can deal with cyber security-related risks in a structured manner. By using a Cyber ​​Security Management System (CSMS), according to the international cyber security standard for Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS), the IEC 62443, it will allow for an organization to manage cyber security risks in industrial automation.

Report from Court of Audit

On the same day as the Waterinfodag 2019, the Netherlands Court of Audit issued a report: “Cyber security of critical water structures not watertight“, making it a hot-topic all day. The report of the Court of Audit clearly shows that critical water structures need better protection against cyber-attacks and not all security measures have been implemented. This reinforces Hudson Cybertec’s message to the water sector as we indicated almost year ago in an article in Waterforum magazine.

Many organizations in the water sector are struggling with getting cyber security (knowledge) organized for their primary processes. As Hudson Cybertec we help more and more companies and organizations in this sector with the specialized cyber security management and applying cyber security standards for ICS/SCADA systems, such as the IEC 62443.

IEC 62443

The IEC 62443 is a standard framework derived from the ISO 27k standard framework and is aimed at managing cyber security risks in industrial automation. It enables an organization to recognize risks, deal with them adequately and manage them long term. This allows for risk mitigation until an acceptable level of risk is reached. Hudson Cybertec can support your company in managing your cyber security risks.

NFEA Cyber Security 2019 conference Oslo

Hudson Cybertec will also be present at the NFEA Cyber Security 2019 conference in Oslo at the end of this month. We’ll be giving a presentation about the challenges faced by the Dutch water boards and water authorities in the light of current rapid technological developments and hyper-connectivity.

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