The Hague, June 30, 2020 – COVID-19 measures have led to unexpected cyber risks for production. Reduced staff in the workplace often results in a decreased visibility of the process. Not so much a lack of overview into levels and stocks, but the deep automation layer. “If you do not have an overview of your process on site, can you still trust information flows at the PLC level?”

The current crisis has created an opportunity for sharpening cyber security. A lot of processes are on hold, which provides an opportunity to do it right now. The systems are better reachable than under normal circumstances. For example, we are currently conducting part of the cyber security assessments through online interviews.

It is very important to know exactly which assets are in your system, that the network traffic is transparent, and nothing is left to chance. Our OT monitoring provides insight into assets and data flows. Subsequently, anomalous network behaviour within the OT network is detectable. These anomalies can indicate a cyber attack, but also unauthorized access to the assets or even unauthorized setpoint changes.

The Hudson Cybertec OT monitoring solution, contrary to what many other vendors offer, has been specifically developed and further optimized for the OT domain.

Source: ‘ProcessControl (edition 3/4), June 2020’

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